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Empowering healthcare excellence, one simulation at a time.


We empower healthcare excellence, one simulation at a time.

“We globally train healthcare professionals in simulation-based education, fostering a community of practice dedicated to enhancing patient safety, workforce development, and the well-being of healthcare providers while promoting system sustainability.”



“We empower a future where healthcare excellence is the standard, achieved through innovative simulation-based education. Our vision is a world where patient care is safer and more effective, healthcare professionals thrive, and healthcare systems are sustainable.”


Core Values:

We strive for excellence in all aspects of healthcare education and practice, setting the highest standards to improve patient care and provider well-being.

We embrace innovation as the catalyst for transformative change, continuously pushing the boundaries of simulation-based education for safer and more effective healthcare.

We empower healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to make a difference, fostering a community where individuals thrive and collectively drive positive change.

We Promote inclusivity, valuing diversity and ensuring that all voices are heard and respected in the pursuit of a safer, better, and more sustainable healthcare system.

We believe in the power of collaboration and seek to create a global network of healthcare professionals dedicated to enhancing patient care.


Our team

Peter Dieckmann

Head of Research at CAMES

Ron Brendel

Executive Director at METS Center, the Netherlands

Søren Printz

Managing Director, EuSim

Fouad Marhar

Anesthesiologist, Simulation Specialist, DIACONEA, France

Elsa Søyland

Director at Safer,

Patrik Nyström

Lecturer in patient safety and founder of Safety Factors Finland, Finland

Kai Kranz

Head of Medical Education at Swiss Institute of Emergency Medicine

Chris Sadler

Consultant Anaesthetist at Barts Health NHS Trust, United Kingdom

Carla Sá Couto

Clinical simulation educator and research lead at FMUP, Porto, Portugal

Steffen Kamp

Course Administrator EuSim,

Our co-operative centers

Copenhagen Academy for Medical Education and Simulation



Barths Health NHS trust

United Kindom

Medical Training & Simulation (METS) Center

The Netherlands

Schweizer Institut für Rettungsmedizin (SIRMED)


Stavanger acute medicine foundation for education and research (safer)


Arcada patient safety and learning center (apslc)


Institut toulousain de simulation en santé


Universitat de Barcelona


Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade do Porto (FMUP)


Safety Factors Finland


BeSiC – Berner Simulations- und CPR-Zentrum (BeSiC)


Sim Academy by AE


Our founders

EuSim was founded in 2004 with a team of highly experienced simulation facilitator trainers. We have mentioned them below. Some of them are still active in the EuSim team.

Marcus Rall

Chris Chin

Ian Curran

Doris Østergaard

Peter Dieckmann

Chris Sadler

Anne Lippert